On Sunday, March 14, 2021, ACN detected an external cyber-incident attempting to gain access to our internal systems. As soon as it was discovered, we moved quickly to shut down our systems and therefore shut down any potential security vulnerability. We immediately engaged our outside security firm, who are leading experts in this area, to help us complete an internal scan of every system and database to ensure the integrity and security of each.

Our next steps are to start bringing back up our internal systems. We are devoting every resource necessary to accelerate this effort and the ongoing security enhancements to our network. This process will take several days, and we are prioritising our IBO and Customer-facing systems.

We are working around the clock to ensure we normalise as much as possible our ongoing business operation as follows:

  • March commissions and this week’s CAB payments are a top priority. The payments are being made to the bank this week and we expect that IBOs will see the amounts in their bank accounts either the same time as usual or 1 to 2 business days later depending on the IBO’s bank’s process.
  • We will also ensure there are no impacts to CABs or bonus qualifications, and will be extending the qualification timelines, which we will communicate once our systems are back online. Below you’ll see our Customer Ordering systems are up and operational, so you can continue to acquire customers and build your business.

ACN values you and your customers and we will keep you informed as we move forward. Thank you for your understanding and commitment.

Very Best,

Systems currently available:

Systems not available:

IBO Business Support Systems:

  • Online IBO Enrolments for all countries
  • IBO Back Office
  • Back Office Report Centre & content
  • Personal Customer List
  • Success Store
  • RVP Dashboard (All support enquiries must go through the RVP Hotline, IBO Support Hotline, the Contact Us form or Missing Claims Forms).