When used effectively, social media can quickly become the most valuable tool in your IBO toolbox! Why? Because social media is a platform designed for building and maintaining connections. And when you have a solid foundation on your social media accounts, you are laying the groundwork for future business relationships.

The purpose is to make connections – not piques. Have a long-term vision.

Where to begin?

The unique thing about social media is that the audience is willingly engaging every day and, even if they don’t know it, they might be open to new and interesting opportunities. This is your chance to develop new connections and grow your business.

Your social media network is not a replacement for your warm market. It’s an opportunity to grow your warm network.

Develop your personal BRAND

What’s your personal brand? Because your social media profile IS your personal brand. It should reflect who you are and how you want to be viewed by your warm network and future prospects. Research how your social media brand is perceived; ask your current connections, take on their critical feedback and do a thorough audit. Use your social media account/s to display the best version of you and your business.


Like, follow, share, react! Engagement is key – your audience is online right now, are you engaging with them?

Follow ACN Pacific on Facebook here, like, comment and make new connections with your peers. This page is built solely for IBOs and is your first port of call for all product, company and event updates, so like, follow, share and stay engaged with ACN.

But wait, there’s more, have you followed ACN Pacific on LinkedIn and utilised this social business platform? LinkedIn has developed into a strong networking tool for businessmen and women looking to grow their business. Give it a try and see what it can do for your business today.


Remaining compliant online is extremely important to the future of your ACN business. All IBOs are required to abide by the ACN Pacific Policies and Procedures, at all times. For a quick rundown of how to be compliant on social media, read here.

When in doubt, refer all questions to IBO Support and send marketing collateral approval requests to ACN Head Office, at . And make sure to use this checklist before you email your approval request.

The opportunities with social media are endless, it’s an ever-evolving platform that, when used correctly, increases your visibility, credibility and likeability. All essential qualities that will help you and your ACN business flourish!

For information on the topics discussed above and a more thorough analysis of how you can use social media to grow your business, watch Senior Vice President, Craig Moir’s two-part training on Social Sharing below: