The nbn™ Broadband network is now rolling out at a greater speed in most areas. By September 2018 the nbn™ market opportunity will be almost 9.5 million premises.

This is a massive opportunity for you, our IBOs, to sell ACN’s nbn™ Broadband services and propel your business growth. To help you plan your sales and better inform your customers of when nbn™ construction is proposed to commence in their suburb, why not use nbn™’s newly released 3 year construction plan available here?

The plan provides never-before-published information on proposed construction timelines as well as the anticipated nbn™ technology to be used by suburb. This is expected to be updated by nbn™ on a quarterly basis.

The plan does not include areas that are already completed or currently in build. But don’t fret – you and your customers can still check these by visiting the nbn™ Rollout Progress available at

Don’t forget, customers must switch to a nbn™ service within 18 months of their address becoming nbn™ ready as they will no longer be able to use their existing phone lines, ADSL internet and Telstra/Optus cable internet. If you’re not on top of the nbn™ rollout in your customers’ areas, you can bet your bottom dollar the competition will be.

So strike whilst the iron’s hot and get your existing and new warm market customers signed up to an ACN nbn™ Broadband or nbn™ Broadband + Voice Bundle plan as soon as their home or business becomes nbn™ ready. nbn™ Broadband only plans are worth 3 customer points and nbn™ Broadband + Voice Plans are worth 4 customer points. View the latest AU Compensation Plan for more information.