Do right by your customers and the ACN Opportunity

//Do right by your customers and the ACN Opportunity

Do right by your customers and the ACN Opportunity

ACN has a strong commitment to protecting the integrity of the ACN Business Opportunity and the rights of the Consumer. That is why honesty, integrity, and credibility underpin everything we do at ACN and why your understanding and application of ACN’s core values matter.

We would like to remind all IBOs how important it is than when promoting ACN’s products and services to customers, that the customer make their own fully informed decision on what’s best for them and complete their own online applications. In particular, customers who wish to sign up to an energy service must complete their own online application. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for an IBO to complete this application on behalf of a customer. Additionally, as outlined in the ACN Policies & Procedures, IBOs must not cold market any ACN products or services.

ACN has a zero tolerance policy in regard to non-compliant IBO behaviour. To ensure you and your team are adhering to ACN’s Policies & Procedures in relation to the acquisition, referral, and sign-up of customers, please read the ACN IBO Customer Acquisition Code. This is a requirement of every IBO acquiring Australian customers.

Guides for signing up to ACN services and making purchases on ACN websites can be found at and your IBO Back Office.

Remember, by protecting your customers, you are protecting your own business and the ACN Opportunity for all.

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