On 1 June, there will be several process and availability changes in regard to IBO promotion of EnergyAustralia services.

Removal of Manual Quoting and Open Offers

From 1 June, customers who wish to sign up for energy services with EnergyAustralia, will only be able to do so via the EAzyQuote online sign-up. This means that customers in the following scenarios will no longer be able to apply for EnergyAustralia services via ACN:

Electricity customers with solar panels These customers can sign up for solar offers from Click Energy online via the Click Microsite.
Customers in the ACT Customers in the ACT will no longer be able to sign up for energy services via ACN.
Customers whose meter cannot be identified by EAzyQuote These customers can sign up for Click Energy offers (where available).


Why is this changing?

Handling of the scenarios above currently requires the manual generation of an open postal quote by EnergyAustralia which must be accepted by the customer and then correctly processed by EnergyAustralia.

ACN has determined that this process is not reliable and is working with EnergyAustralia to find solutions which provide a superior experience for the applicant and IBO. Therefore until further notice, EAzyQuote will be the only method by which an IBO-referred customer can apply for service with EnergyAustralia.

EnergyAustralia Accreditation Training

EnergyAustralia has also made changes to its accreditation requirements, which means all IBOs must read the current EnergyAustralia IBO Accreditation Training documents, accessible via the Energy product page available now on IBO Back Office.

To remain accredited to refer customers to EnergyAustralia, you must read both of the current training documents and then complete the declaration of accreditation, available via the Energy page on IBO Back Office (as above).