Gas and electricity tariffs for Victorian customers are changing on January 2, 2017. These changes will affect both residential and small business customers.

This change will not affect the discounts customers receive, but the underlying tariffs (price per kWh/MJ and daily supply charge) will be adjusted and the changes will be effective as of Monday January 2, 2017.

To help you understand this change, we have compiled some commonly asked questions.

Why are my rates changing?
Rates change for a number of reasons and will affect customers regardless of their retailer. These rates are made up of a range of components, including network costs, metering costs, and transmission costs. The majority of energy retailers will be reviewing and revising their rates at this time of the year.

How much will my bill change by?
The value of your invoice will change depending on your usage, the energy plan you are on, and which energy distribution area you reside in. Your discount percentage will remain the same.

What happens if I have a bill that covers a period before and after the effective date?
Your bill will be split (pro-rata). This means you’ll pay your old rates for any portion of the billing period that falls before the effective change date (up to and including January 1st) and your new rates will apply to the period after (January 2nd onwards). Your bill will show separate charges for those that apply before and after the effective date.