EnergyAustralia introduces real-time online credit assessing

//EnergyAustralia introduces real-time online credit assessing

EnergyAustralia introduces real-time online credit assessing

Great news for you and your customers – as part of our ongoing commitment to provide a smooth and robust experience for our customers, we are happy to announce that all ACN-referred customers who sign up with EnergyAustralia via IBO Storefront will now be credit assessed in real-time.

See below for answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is changing?
As of Thursday the 15th June, 2017, customers who sign up with EnergyAustralia via ACN, using EnergyAustralia’s EAzyQuote online quoting tool will now be credit checked in real time. Customers who sign up with EnergyAustralia up until the 14th June will have their credit assessments processed overnight.

What does this mean? 
This change means that EnergyAustralia will be able to provide customers with direct, immediate updates on the outcome of their application. It also helps to minimise the processing time required for each quote.

How does this work?
There are no visible changes to the online quoting process. Your customers simply hit the “submit” button in EAzyQuote when they are ready to proceed and EnergyAustralia will conduct a credit assessment in real time.

How will this impact my customers?
Your customer will be notified of their credit assessment result immediately after submitting their request in EAzyQuote. Customers will receive one of three possible results:

  1. Application successful – the customer has passed the credit check,
  2. Conditionally approved – the system has timed out, and an overnight credit check will be conducted, or
  3. Application declined – the quote request has been declined for credit reasons.

What if my customer is credit declined? 
EnergyAustralia does not hold any information on credit files. If your customer has been credit declined and wishes to review their credit file, they will need to contact Equifax (formerly known as VEDA) on 138 332, or visit

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