In case you haven’t already heard the great news, today (October 1, 2015) we’ve launched 3 new amazing VoIP plans – Talk 10, Talk 19 and Talk 29. These replace the Talk Ten, World Plan and World Plan Plus plans, and are packed with Unlimited^ call inclusions so your customers get even better value!

What has changed with the new VoIP Plans?

  • Talk 10: the 100 anytime minutes to Local & National numbers have been replaced with Unlimited^ Local and National calls. 
  • Talk 19: Free 60 minute calls to 20 international destinations have been replaced with Unlimited^ calls to 45 International destinations. 
  • Talk 29: Free 60 minutes to 85 international destinations have been replaced with Unlimited^ calls to 90 International destinations plus 15c per minute calls to Australian mobiles are now Unlimited^ call inclusions.
  • $39.95 device fee is applicable ($26 ATA cost + $13.95 delivery fee)

Don’t forget, all our VoIP Plans also include Unlimited^ ACN-2-ACN calls (including video calls) from Australia to other ACN VoIP services in Australia plus 21 other countries around the world.

To ensure your existing VoIP customers get the best value, why not get them to upgrade? Existing VoIP customers can take advantage of these generous new plans and upgrade without penalty by requesting a plan change via MyAccount for free. Customers calling ACN Customer Service for a plan change will incur a $5.50 plan change fee#.

ACN’s VoIP plans are worth:

  • 1 point for Talk 10
  • 2 points for Talk 19
  • 3 points for Talk 29

Check the latest ACN Compensation Plan for full details.

Visit for more information.

^Acceptable Use Policy applies
#$5.50 plan change fee applies for each service changed via ACN Customer Service.