High Definition Australian Mobile Voice Calls now available with ACN!

//High Definition Australian Mobile Voice Calls now available with ACN!

High Definition Australian Mobile Voice Calls now available with ACN!

Have you noticed an improvement in call quality when calling other ACN or Optus mobile customers recently? If so, that’s because High Definition Voice Calling is now available across the Optus 3G Network – the network (where available) used to carry ACN mobile voice calls across Australia!

HD Voice Calling reduces background noise, meaning your calls will be noticeably clearer and crisper, so when you’re having a conversation on your mobile on a bustling street or in a crowded shopping centre, you’ll be able to hear better than ever before!

Who can make HD mobile voice calls?

All ACN Mobile customers automatically have access to high definition voice calls, with no additional costs. However, both the caller and receiver must be connected to the Optus Mobile network, as HD calling doesn’t currently extend to other mobile networks or to fixed line services.

Both parties also need to have a 3G or 4G handset that is HD voice-compatible. The good news is, a large proportion of ACN Mobile customers already do! Below is a list of some popular HD voice-compatible devices:

Apple iPhone 5 LG Optimus L7 Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Apple iPhone 5C Nokia 300 Samsung Galaxy S2
Apple iPhone 5S Nokia 3000 Samsung Galaxy S3
Apple iPhone 6 Nokia 301 Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Nokia C2-01 Samsung Galaxy S4
HTC Incredible S Nokia C2-01.5 Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
HTC One Nokia E63 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE
HTC One M8 Nokia Lumia 520 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini TDD
HTC One X Nokia Lumia 625 Samsung Galaxy S4 TDD
HTC One SV Nokia Lumia 820 Samsung Galaxy S5
HTC One M9 Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy S6
HTC Desire X Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Huawei Ascend G510 Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
LG G2 Samsung Galaxy Express Samsung Note 3 TDD
LG G3 Samsung Galaxy Mini Sony Xperia E1
LG L70 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sony Xperia Z
LG Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Sony Xperia Z1
LG Nexus 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE 7105T Sony Xperia Z2
LG Optimus F5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE Sony Xperia Z3
LG Optimus L5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4
LG Optimus L7 2 Samsung Galaxy S

For more information about ACN’s Mobile Plans, click here.

Check out ACN’s Mobile Store for more information on our Mobile Plans, and for all the latest HD voice-compatible handsets available!



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