As part of ACN’s ongoing commitment to offer quality products and customer experience, ACN has been working with Optus to address congestion issues experienced by some of our Naked DSL and Envision customers.

To ensure our customers have the best possible Broadband experience with ACN, effective August 4, any new customer who initiates sign-up to an ACN Naked DSL or Envision service at a congested exchange, will not be able to complete their sign up to the respective service. Once the Service Qualification has been conducted, the customer will be displayed with Naked DSL not being available, and will be prompted to view an alternative Broadband or Bundle service using the Telstra network.

In addition, Optus will be upgrading their existing infrastructure and exchange capacity over the coming months to help alleviate congestion within their network.

Please note, nbn™ and ADSL Broadband customers serviced by the Telstra network are not impacted by this issue.