It’s an exciting time this Easter with the hopping mad hot offers released yesterday (12 April) by Vodafone. You may have to hunt for chocolate eggs this weekend but you won’t have to hunt for the offers as we’ve got our favourites for you here:

$5 off access fees
There’s an awesome $5 off access fees on selected 12 month SIM only plans. For example, your customers can get this discount on the $50 MyMix Red Data SIM only plan. This means they get 12GB of data for a mere $45 per month! The even better news is you still get compensated based on the undiscounted plan fee so that’s 3 customer points for you for every new customer you sign up to this plan.

It’s important to let your customers know this offer ends on 9 May 2017 and won’t be visible in their shopping cart when they order online but they will see the discount on their bill.

Great savings on tablets
If you’ve got customers looking for a new tablet, Vodafone have got some eggcellent offers.

They can get an iPad for only $40 per month (that’s a $30 plan plus $10 per month for the tablet) which includes 3GB of data. And what’s in it for you? Apart from a customer that’s a happy bunny, there’s 2 customer points for you.

If your customers are more into Samsung devices they can get an $8 discount per month on a Samsung Galaxy A 8.0 tablet if they order it as an additional service (in addition to a mobile service). This means they can sign up to the $30 plan and only pay $22 per month. Once again you’ll be compensated on the normal $30 per month price so that’s 2 customer points for new connections.

This offer also ends on 9 May and just like the $5 off access fees offer, the $8 discount won’t appear in the cart but will be on the customer’s first bill.

Remember, for all these incredible 12 and 24 month offers, customers also get the ACN exclusive 1 month FREE access fee until 9 May. Plus you and your customers can get a $50 credit on your service with Vodafone’s Refer a Friend offer which also ends on 9 May.

If that’s not enough, selling these services will also contribute to the sales you need to climb the leaderboard in our Vodafone competition where you could win a special edition iPhone (PRODUCT) Red™ and a share of $5,000 cash.

So when you’re out and about visiting friends and family this long weekend, be sure to tell them about these amazing offers.

As always, for all the latest offers and the terms and conditions visit

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