New May 2016 Compensation Plan is released!

//New May 2016 Compensation Plan is released!

New May 2016 Compensation Plan is released!

The all-new Compensation Plan is now live! To coincide with the launch we have also released  a great range of supporting documents, including:

  • Monthly Bonus Promotions
  • 1-10 Business Opportunity Overview
  • 1-10 Business Opportunity Presentation
  • Launching your ACN Business flyer
  • When is a Customer a Customer flyer
  • What counts as one service flyer

These new documents are now live on Pacific Compass and IBO Back Office!

The important points from the Compensation Plan changes you will need to be aware of are:

  1. There are 3 key dates within the Compensation Plan evolution – 1 May, 1 August and 1 January 2017. The changes for 1 May impact only the QTT, ETT and ETL positions, however we will be including all changes in the upcoming 1 May Compensation Plan.
  2. March and April starters can still qualify for the 60 day Quick Start Customer Acquisition Bonus as CABS are based on start dates. However, they still need to qualify under the 1 May Compensation Plan to hold their QTT position.
  3. March and April starters who hit ETT based on the 1 May qualifications will be paid based on the 1 May Compensation Plan
  4. If an IBO started in March but qualified during May, they will promote out and receive the bonus. If they have 4 services and 7 points, they will not drop – however if they do not reach the 1 May qualification criteria, they will drop out of qualification. ETTs and ETLs have a 30 day grace period so they won’t drop back on 1 May.
  5. For all CABs paid in May for IBOs who started on pre 1 May Compensation Plan – all upline CABs will be paid even though the qualification was earned post 1 May.
  6. TCs and above – another question is: what happens if QTTs in their downline fail to qualify by 1 May. Only Personal Customer Points impact a TC and higher’s qualification. Downline QTT qualification will not.
  7. Any changes that will affect the PCL will be reflected in your PCL by 1 May 2016.
  8. The $20 QTT Quick Start CAB will end.
  9. The $200 ETT Quick Start CAB will only appear on the Promotional Bonuses documents.
  10. ETT Promotional Bonus (achieving the position of ETT and acquire 15 personal customer points in your first 30 days) will become $300 (currently $280).

The 1 May Compensation Plan documents are now live on Pacific Compass, so check these out to familiarise yourself with the changes.

View 1 May Compensation Plan Preview Docs


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