The new MyAccount is here!

//The new MyAccount is here!

The new MyAccount is here!

When we talk about digital transformation, what we are really mean is how technology makes your customer’s lives easier. The new MyAccount certainly ticks that box with improved design that is cleaner, more intuitive and mobile-friendly. Now, with the ability to manage multiple accounts on the one login, ACN customers can access everything they need in the one place, when and wherever they like. It’s the one stop shop helping customers better manage their ACN accounts.

There are a whole range of new features which we know you’ll love, and here are some of our favourites.

Manage Plans and track usage:

Customers can now view their plans and their data usage. This is super handy as it means customers can better manage their accounts and top up online if they think they’ll need more data.

Make payments:

Customers can now view their billing history and payments as well as manage multiple accounts from the one location. The new MyAccount has a dedicated page for setting up direct debits so that customers can experience fuss free billing.  There is even an interactive bill explainer to help customers understand all the sections on their bill!

Track orders:

In the new MyAccount, customers can now track their order status, clearly identify the estimated arrival time of equipment and when their service will go live.

Correspondence history:

To keep track of communications from ACN, there is a correspondence history page that keeps a record of all correspondence the customer was sent, even text messages sent from ACN. They can refer back to these at any time – customers will no longer need to search for emails, texts or letters they’ve received. Again, it’s all in the one place!

On top of all this, ACN customers can also view their IBO’s contact details and submit forms such as relocation requests online, without having to call the contact centre.

The new and improved MyAccount is making the ACN experience seamless and better than ever before. If you haven’t already experienced it for yourself log-on now – we promise you’ll love it!

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