It’s no secret that moving house can be stressful, especially with so much to remember. And during these colder months, there’s one thing that should be at the top of that list, and that’s letting your energy provider know your move date, so that you can enjoy heating from day 1!

Give your customers this peace of mind, by reminding them of our top tips for a smooth transition.

  1. Get the order in early. Waiting until the last minute could mean your customer has to wait to get connected, or pay a hefty fee to arrange a same-day connection.
  2. Make sure your customers make it known that they are moving house, during Sumo’s online signup by ticking the “Are you moving?” checkbox, and providing their move-in date.
  3. We recommend providing the day prior to the move in date, so any issues can be resolved before moving in. The cost of a same-day connection can be upwards of $200. The cost of one day’s supply charge is typically 80c. Which would you rather pay?
  4. Remember, the Sumo team is there to help. Customers can call the ACN-dedicated Sumo hotline (03) 9103 2904 between 9AM and 4:30PM, Monday to Friday to arrange their connection.

By following these top tips, your customers can feel safe in the knowledge the first night in their new home will be warm and bright, rather than dark and cold!