Fantastic News! Vodafone have just revamped their Red plans to give you and your customers more choice and flexibility.

As of 2 September, 2016 when you sign up to a 24 month $80 or above Red plan you can choose an added bolt on of:

  • More data,
  • Standard international minutes and Qantas Points, or
  • Great entertainment options.

Along with these bolt ons, there have also been a few other changes you need to be across:

o   Data Sharing Changes – now, when customers sign up to multiple plans at the same time or if they add another service to an existing Vodafone account, they’ll automatically have data sharing switched on and be able to share from one pool of data. This is a great way to control costs and get the most out of your Vodafone plans.

o   As of yesterday, 1 September new customers will no longer be able to share International Call Inclusions across their Vodafone plans. Existing customers can continue to do so if they already have a share group in place.

Vodafone’s new approach really puts the customer in the driving seat and allows them to tailor their plan exactly to their needs.

Check out the new plans via We’ll also be uploading new customer flyers to Pacific Compass next week.