You’ve seen the photos floating around on social media and maybe even watched Ben Watson-Brown’s video diary – that’s right, we’re talking about the Global Leadership Retreat. ACN’s Vice President of Sales, Mark Boonzaier has only just returned and we have roped him into sharing the juicy details with us in a short video.

While on the retreat, Mark had the pleasure of sharing his home country with some of ACN Pacific’s top performers:

Ben & Charlene Watson-Brown
Memory & Frances Ahec
Helen Searle
Wenny & Phuong Nguyen
Fadi, Mahmoud & Ahmad Baba
Joey & Francesca Santoro Ballota
Rao & Deepthi Kankatala
Bobby & Simran Chellane
MD & Farhana Rahman
Gurnek Kaler
Sinan & Angelik Abu-Aisheh