After being propelled forward into the world of technology, we’re here to give you all the help and support you need to keep your home-based business growing steadily.

This is why we’ve created a Digital Resources Page to help give you the tools you need to refine your online conferencing skills and provide you with the resources required to maximise this new working environment.

You’ll find a new Intro Video, designed for you to play at the beginning of your online launching trainings. At just under one minute long, you can keep the attention on your online participants and still give them a taster of what ACN is all about.

We’ve also developed a shorter version of the ACN Opportunity Overview Powerpoint Presentation. We encourage you to use this for your online presentations as it’s specifically designed to showcase the ACN Opportunity and explain how the ACN model works.

For this same reason, we recommend keeping your online training sessions as short and succinct as possible. You can find more tips on how to effectively run Zoom Conferences and Training Webinars in the Zoom Overview and Tips document on the Digital Resources Page – check it out now!