9 April 2020

ACN Pacific has announced the end of our partnership with 2degrees, effective from 19 April 2020.

The announcement follows 2degrees’ decision to head in a new direction that sadly, no longer supports our network marketing model.

We are working to onboard a new partner who would be the right fit to support your business in New Zealand and our positioning as the world’s largest direct seller of essential services. We look forward to announcing a new partnership in the coming months.

We want to assure you that any Customer Points and commissionable revenue earned from 2degrees Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband services will be protected as per the Compensation Plan.

We also want to highlight that the terms and conditions of the Compensation Plan and April Bonuses will remain valid for the month of April. We are currently reassessing the qualification requirements for New Zealand and further details will be shared with you in the coming weeks.

Existing customers of 2degrees Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband services will continue to be supported by ACN Pacific for the foreseeable future. You will have access to our 2degrees’ Support materials for the next 12 months and your customers will be able to search our Knowledge Base to help resolve their enquiries.

Rest assured, you will still be compensated for new orders submitted and approved on or before 18 April 2020 for up to 24 months or until the tenure of the customer as per the Compensation Plan.

For any ‘missing’ customers or points for 2degrees Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Fixed Broadband orders, you will have until 24 April 2020 to submit your enquiries via the 2degrees Customer Claim Form.

From 19 April 2020, all Personal IBO Websites will no longer display the 2degrees offerings and any references to 2degrees’ services will be removed from our customer site. The Marketing team has commenced updating all ACN Opportunity materials for your use.

While this decision is regrettable, it presents a step forward for you to leverage growth opportunities in energy and security via our strong partnerships with energyclubnz and ADT Security New Zealand, respectively.

energyclubnz and ADT Security New Zealand are delighted with our IBOs’ unique ability to connect with customers, and they are committed to providing the best possible experience for you and the support you need. Since the beginning of our partnership, energyclubnz and ADT Security New Zealand have been leading the way in their willingness to produce exclusive offers, plans and pricing for your customers.

We acknowledge your commitment to pass down great savings to your customers and are appreciative of the continued enthusiasm you have shown for our New Zealand offerings. We will work closely with you in this next period to deliver a smooth transition and support your businesses in New Zealand as best as we can.

ACN Pacific