Flexibility to choose a mobile plan to match your usage

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Flexibility to choose a mobile plan to match your usage

Whether you like to chat for hours on end, surf the web in every spare minute, or do both, ACN has you covered.

For just $50 per month*, ACN caters for the heavy talkers with unlimited national minutes and a generous 3GB of data, or for the more web-inclined, there’s the 600 minutes plus a super-charged 5GB option.

If you want the best of both worlds, for just $10 more, our $60 per month* plan includes both unlimited national minutes and 5GB of data + a bonus 1GB^ if you connect before 30 June 2015! That’s 6GB of data per month!

What’s in a GB anyway?

We’ve provided an example of some of the ways customers commonly use their data to illustrate what you could do in a month with just 1GB:

  • Browse the web for around 2 hours
  • Use social media for 8 hours
  • Send or receive approximately 400 emails
  • Watch standard definition YouTube for 2 hours
  • Download 4 applications to your handset

Imagine what you can do with 6GB per month!

* Min cost = $100 ($50 Plan) or $110 ($60 Plan) including deferred activation.
^ Bonus data available to customers that connect to the $60 plan on or before 30/6/15 (unless extended or withdrawn earlier). Available for the life of your plan, but will be forfeited if you change plans or terminate your service.

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