A Vodafone order allocation issue is still affecting some orders resulting in delayed appearance of some customer points in your PCL. We strongly recommend that you closely monitor your PCL and if your customers are not listed within five business days of the order being taken, submit a missing customer online form found here. CABs and bonuses affected by missing orders will be recalculated following the successful approval of points by Vodafone.

At this stage orders placed between 12/05/17 and 20/05/17 appear to be affected. The issue is primarily affecting New to Vodafone customers who have signed up via Storefront or the ACN Pacific website, so if your customers are coming from another network, there may be a slight delay in points appearing. We are working with our partners at Vodafone to have all affected customers allocated to IBO’s and expect to have this completed by early next week.

Please ensure that when providing order details in the missing customer form, you are entering correct information, especially service number and order number, as this will vastly increase response times from Vodafone.

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