With the nbn™ Rollout continuing, your customers may be wondering whether their existing household devices that run using the Internet will be compatible once they are connected to the nbn™ with ACN.

Will my existing back-to-base alarm work over the nbn network?

In the first instance, please contact your alarm provider to discuss moving your alarm system to the  nbn™ network. For further information on this subject, you can read about device compatibility over the nbn™ network.

Will my existing medical alarm work over the nbn network?

The nbn™ network is capable of supporting most medical alarms if they are set up correctly when moved to the nbn™ network. The best way to find out if your medical alarm will work is to ask your medical alarm service provider. For further information on medical device compatibility, click here.

Will my fax machine work over the nbn network?

ACN does not support fax usage on phone services over the nbn™ network, however your customers can select a virtual fax service provider, which should work over the ACN nbn™ network. Depending on the provider your customer chooses, they should be able to port their existing fax number to a virtual fax number. ACN is not affiliated with any virtual fax service providers, however customers should use an online search engine to a find suitable virtual fax service provider.