New Game-changing Vodafone Plans and Bonus Point Promotion

//New Game-changing Vodafone Plans and Bonus Point Promotion

New Game-changing Vodafone Plans and Bonus Point Promotion

Vodafone has shaken up the market with some awesome new plans that provide more flexibility and freedom to our customers than ever before! With more contract options for handset customers, Vodafone is really tearing up the rulebook to give customers more choice.

Previously customers with Australia’s major telecommunications companies only really had 24-month long contract terms, locking customers into staying with providers even if their service, plan inclusions or experience was below par.

Vodafone is so confident about their network, competitiveness of their plans, and customer service that they have changed all their plans to month-to-month contract terms. Customers looking to purchase a handset can simply add this to their plan over a 12, 24 or 36 month contract term. Your customers can also wave goodbye to early termination fees (excludes 12 month SIM only plans).

To celebrate the launch of Vodafone’s amazing new plans, we have launched a Bonus Point Promotion on all new and upgrading 24-month and 36-month handset plans! That means there’s a maximum of 5 points up for grabs on the new $80 and $100 Red Handset plans.

New Handset Contract Terms:

The key difference in the new plan structure is that Vodafone has separated the cost of the handset from the monthly plan fee. The customer can choose to pay-off the handset over an interest free loan period, whereas the network access plan is month-to-month, with no contract term. This means for you, the higher the access plan fee, the more commission you’ll earn. For your customers, this means they can choose to leave at any time only needing to pay for any remaining device costs!

Customers now have the choice between the below repayment periods for their new devices:

  • 12 Month Term – Device interest free loan paid over 12 monthly installments
  • 24 Month Term – Device interest free loan period paid over 24 monthly installments
  • New 36 Month Term – Device interest free loan period paid over 36 monthly installments

Please note: Vodafone is also offering a 0 Month term (complete upfront payment of device), however, this is not available via ACN as it’s only available in-store.

Customers will also receive a loyalty ‘Red Discount’ if they take up 24 and 36-month handset and plan combinations (over a specific value).

And remember whilst some other mobile providers like Optus and Telstra use a phone leasing model where the phone doesn’t belong to the customer, with Vodafone, your customer will always own their handset.

SIM Only Offers:

Vodafone is also shaking things up in the SIM only space by no longer offering 24-month contract SIM only plans, and instead, significantly boosted inclusions to customers on the new 12 month plans. These include DOUBLE the standard inclusions when compared to month-to-month SIM only plans.

Who will the new plan terms appeal to?

This new plan structure provides more options for customers than ever before and will appeal to those for whom a 24-month contract just didn’t quite hit the mark! For example, you may have customers that are quite tech savvy and love to upgrade every year to the latest and greatest handset. For these customers the 12 Month repayment term is a perfect setup. They are then free to pass their old handset to a family member or even sell it to recoup some cash. Alternatively, you may have some customers who may not need the latest and greatest phones, and who are quite happy with the same phone for a number of years. For this type of customers, the 36-month repayment terms are ideal. Your customers will pay a lower monthly device repayment, as it will be spread over a greater period of time.

Compensation Plan

The launch of the new bonus point for 24M and 36M handsets will provide you with a whopping 5 points. Yes, 5 points for a single Vodafone handset service! Whether you are a new IBO looking to qualify or an existing IBO looking to make that next jump up in position, 5 points is a great opportunity!

It’s also important to note that for 36 Month contracts, IBOs will be compensated and receive residual commissions and points for the full 36-month duration of the customer contract, as long as they stay with Vodafone. This new contract term will enhance the long-term prospects of your business and provide higher New Connect points and residual commissions for a longer period of time.

Remember, residual commissions are based on the monthly plan fee, and equipment fees are not commissionable. We strongly recommend customers choose $50 and above monthly plans fees as, more often than not, they receive greater value and that means higher residuals and more points for you.

View the new Promotional Bonuses and Compensation Plan here:


We have put together a range of new resources to help you become familiar with the new plans and to assist you in selling these to your warm network.

We will be updating the Mobile Accreditation in the coming days to reflect the new plan structure.

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