No Network, No Problem!

//No Network, No Problem!

No Network, No Problem!

The Vodafone Network Guarantee is a great tool to help provide peace of mind to prospective customers currently on other mobile networks. Customers still have 30 days to decide if they love the Vodafone network, but Vodafone will even refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset installments customers have paid if the network isn’t up to scratch where the customer lives or works!

Customers simply need to return the device in its original packaging within 10 days of a claim, and they will only have to pay for excess usage charges, or charges for services that aren’t included in their plan (for example any roaming usage, or excess international calls), incurred up to the date the cancellation is finalised.

This offer is for new customers only and for up to a maximum of 9 connections for Business customers.

On top of that, new customers signing up to selected 12 or 24 month phone plans will also receive one month of unlimited data in Australia, so they can really put the network through its paces. Unlimited Data for the first month is a great offer, and as of January 2017 neither Optus or Telstra offer this great option to customers.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions.

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