Who is the Keynote Speaker for the Sydney International Event 2017?

//Who is the Keynote Speaker for the Sydney International Event 2017?

Who is the Keynote Speaker for the Sydney International Event 2017?

We are thrilled to announce our Keynote Speaker for the Sydney International Event 2017 – Damien Thomlinson!

Damien is an Australian veteran who suffered a life-altering tragedy whilst serving in Afghanistan as a Commando.

Damien joined the Australian Defence Force and at the age of just 24 achieved his dream of becoming a Commando. Commandos are an elite group tasked with the most physically demanding, mentally challenging and dangerous roles in the armed forces, often behind enemy lines.

It was while serving in Afghanistan with the 2nd Commando Regiment that his life was changed forever. In April 2009, whilst on night patrol in Southern Afghanistan, Damien’s unit drove over an improvised Taliban bomb. Damien suffered horrendous injuries in the explosion, which resulted in both of his legs being amputated. The damage to his body was so severe his medical team claim it is a miracle he wasn’t killed. In fact there were many times throughout his immediate treatment and beyond that medical staff did not think he would pull through.

Most people could not imagine recovering and moving on from something as debilitating as the loss of two limbs – but Damien isn’t most people, and giving up is not in his nature. Instead of sinking into depression and retreating from the world, Thomlinson decided to treat the loss of his legs as another challenge to be overcome, a challenge that would forever change his life.

Damien has gone on to achieve so much since his accident – most recently starring in a 6 time Oscar nominated movie (currently in cinemas), Hacksaw Ridge.

Through Damien’s unique and inspiring story, he demonstrates that if you have the right mindset and set the goal, you can achieve what you wish for irrespective of your circumstances.

Join us 24-26 March at the Sydney Convention Centre to hear Damien’s inspiring and triumphant story of determination and ambition for the future.

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