Did you know that by the end of 2017, approximately 52% of ACN’s ADSL customers are expected to be nbn™ ready and have the ability to upgrade their ADSL and/or traditional phone service to the nbn™ network?

To help you get these customers to sign up to an ACN nbn™ plan and protect your points and commissions, today we’ve launched a smoother, efficient and customer friendly upgrade process for existing ACN ADSL and traditional phone line customers.

Customers can now upgrade their service to nbn™ in 2 ways:
1. Via MyAccount or
2. Through our upgrade page www.acnpacific.com/upgrade

Every existing ACN ADSL or traditional phone service will need to upgrade to the nbn™ when it is available at their address. Once NBN Co. complete the network build in your customer’s area, they will declare the area as “Ready for Service”. This means that homes and businesses in this area are unable to order any other type of service other than an nbn™ service.

At the same time, an 18-month countdown is commenced where any traditional telecommunication services in the area must upgrade to an nbn™ service. At the end of the 18-month period, any remaining services your customer has may be disconnected and any existing traditional phone services removed. In addition their phone number may be given to another customer, so it’s important to get your customers to upgrade to nbn™ to avoid being left without a broadband or traditional phone service.

Through the new process, ACN provides a simple online journey for your customers to upgrade their existing ADSL Broadband and/or traditional Phone service.

Remember, we’ll also waive the nbn™ activation for these customers which saves them $49!
Upgrading your customers to nbn™ also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to boost your customer points. If you currently have customers on an ACN ADSL standalone plan (worth 1 customer point) you can earn 3 customer points by simply upgrading them to an nbn™ standalone plan or 4 customer points if you if they take an nbn™ + Phone bundle plan.

We know you and your customers will have many questions on how they upgrade to nbn™ so we’ve put together these FAQs with the answers. Make sure you take a look so that you’re up to speed.

Download FAQ