#WeAreACN and ACN Sunday

//#WeAreACN and ACN Sunday

#WeAreACN and ACN Sunday

One of the global themes for 2017 is We Are ACN. This is about embracing unity, the team, and the individual. It means taking responsibility for yourself and your team so each person becomes stronger and collectively you all succeed.

Collectively, we are one
The term ‘in business for yourself, not by yourself’ really defines what #WeAreACN is all about. Being part of a global team of individuals allows for collaboration, cooperation, synergy and support. #WeAreACN doesn’t mean that everybody needs to think or act in the same way; in fact each person is encouraged to contribute and take responsibility for their own actions. Knowing that there is a network to draw from creates the feeling of solidarity and commitment and inspires the #WeAreACN experience.

You can support #WeAreACN
For everyone attending the Sydney International event on Sunday 26 March, we are launching a new initiative called ACN Sunday. We are encouraging all IBOs to rock their ACN blue (any shade) in celebration of #WeAreACN. This means setting aside your team colours for the day to show that #WeAreACN. Copy our special social tag so you can post out the #WeAreACN theme before the event.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for shareable #WeAreACN content at https://www.facebook.com/acn.asiapacific/

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