So that you’re in the know, we’ve put together some quick points about amaysim subscription energy to get you up to speed!

Here’s how it works:

Simple Plans
amaysim subscription energy is built just like mobile plans; customers select a monthly plan size based on their usage and then pay the same amount upfront each month, simple. Your customers can achieve billing consistency like never before!

Usage tracking
Tracking usage day-to-day with amaysim’s intuitive smartphone app is a breeze. Customers can see how much they’ve used in a given month, and can adjust their habits accordingly if they’re on track to exceed their cap.

Automatic top-ups
Blasting the AC on a hot summer’s day? Subscription energy has a built-in automatic top-up feature for those months where customers’ energy usage spikes.

Roll over
When a customer stays below their monthly limit, the unused energy is rolled over for up to 3 years! This allows your customers to build up a bank of energy which they can draw from when they need.

No lock-in contracts or hidden nasties
With amaysim, what you see is what you get.

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Don’t forget, ACN has a dedicated amaysim support resource for all of your enquiries:
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