ACN compliance monitoring of IBO customer acquisition has identified an increase in ACN and Energy Agency customer service applications that have not been completed by the customer. The ACN Customer Acquisition Code training guide and the Energy Accreditation training supplied to all IBOs confirms that it is forbidden for IBOs to complete a customer’s online service application.

All IBO leaders are responsible for supervising and supporting their downline IBOs. This means you have an obligation to ACN and to your team to ensure you establish and maintain regular communication and support and training to your downline IBOs. This training includes ensuring you train out the right way to refer customers to ACN and Agency products and services.

Whilst ACN fully appreciates that you are not responsible for the actions of every IBO in your downline; all leaders, should endeavour to ensure that your teams are regularly trained in how to ethically and credibly refer customers to ACN and to our Agency partners.

In 2017, we are continuing our zero tolerance approach to any IBO found to have entered and completed a customer’s online service application.

We are terminating IBOs that engage in this misconduct; so protect yourself, your business and the integrity of the ACN Business Opportunity and make sure you regularly train-out ethical and credible customer acquisition to all of your downline IBO’s.

To revisit ACN’s accreditation and training, visit Pacific Compass.