Hi Everyone,

My name is Jonathan Harley and I am the General Manager for Sphere in Australia. For those that haven’t worked with Sphere before, we are a Payment Solutions provider that specialises in EFTPOS machines. We’ve worked closely with ACN for several years now and our partnership stretches across to the United States and Canada to bring competitive merchant pricing to all customers.

I’d like to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the support ACN has lent to Sphere this year as we’ve retooled. Gerard, Anthony and whole team have been incredibly supportive and engaged in our business this year and we are very thankful for such a strong unity.

We have been working on very exciting developments since late 2019. Unfortunately, like most businesses our plans were thrown a big curve ball in March when the world went into lockdown but we’ve kept our heads down working and were very pleased to have been able to announce our partnership with Tyro at the recent Virtual Event in September.

Tyro is an Australian bank and is the largest provider of EFTPOS terminals outside of the Big 4 banks in Australia. Through Tyro, we can cater to Retail, Hospitality and Services merchants with an integration into a Point of Sale system or standalone. We are also able to offer integrations into Practice Management Software programs in the Primary and Allied Health space. For those familiar with First Data (now called Fiserv), we will still have this solution as well, but now we have more variety to offer our merchants.

Shoutout to our first Tyro Merchant

A big shoutout goes to ACN IBO and now Sphere merchant Evelyn Nissan! Evelyn, who owns a Lotto Kiosk in Maribyrnong in Victoria was our first official Tyro merchant as seen in the pictured here.

Thank you so much to Evelyn who worked with our Senior Account Executive, Gabi to bring her business across. We appreciate your trust and allowing us to test our new process.


I’d also like to mention and say thank you to RVPs Gil Hotchkiss and Ben Watson-Brown for allowing me time to present in their recent weekly training sessions. I am hoping to make my way around to several IBO training sessions over the next few months to help spread the word of Tyro and to provide insights into our process so look out for those organised through the Leaders.

I’ll be writing a similar blog monthly which will talk through promotions we have in market, will give tips and tricks on generating leads for Sphere and most importantly to recognise those that partner with us and work with our business so keep a look out at the start of each month. We are also working with ACN Head Office to update our Pacific Compass page with new Sphere marketing collateral which will help you on the road.

If you haven’t submitted a lead to us before, this is the best time of year to get thinking about potential EFTPOS customers as December is the month where merchant bills are the highest! (think Christmas trade). When you do submit a lead to us, below is the process you can expect to follow:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, you can find us on Facebook @SphereChannelsPacific if you have any feedback. Otherwise, until next time stay safe and Happy Referring!

Jonathan Harley
General Manager