Vodafone is implementing an exciting new website and order journey on 8 December. With such a big change, Vodafone want to ensure that the system works for their customers before extending the platform to ACN. This means that from 8 December ACN customers MUST place their orders via the ACN dedicated web chat, marked ‘CHAT NOW’.

Any orders placed through the online signup, will NOT capture your IBO details nor will you be able to reclaim this customer. ACN will not be able to award points or residuals for any orders placed online from 8 December until further notice.

Here is the message your customers will see:

The Vodafone web chat team is available during the following hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 8AM to 8PM (AEDT)
  • Sat-Sun: 9AM – 5PM (AEDT)

Please keep an eye on the weekly AIA, as we provide updates.