Want to get up to $500 credit on your Vodafone bill?

//Want to get up to $500 credit on your Vodafone bill?

Want to get up to $500 credit on your Vodafone bill?

There’s never been a better time to get your friends on board with Vodafone.

If you are an existing Vodafone postpaid voice customer, you can now get $50 credit on your bill each time you refer a friend (up to 10 friends) who signs up to a 12 or 24 month Red plan or a Red Business plan before 27 December 2016.1

The amazing news is that you can refer up to 10 new to Vodafone customers so that’s a super impressive $500 credit you can earn in the next month! Plus, each friend you refer will also get $50 credit on their bill so it’s a win-win!

This is a great way for new IBOs to qualify and earn back their Joining Fee simply by signing up customers! What’s more, if new IBOs sign up these customers in their first 30 days, the services count towards the 15 personal points needed and 30 points in your team to reach ETT. This means not only will they get the $500 credit on their Vodafone bill but they will also achieve the $500 Quick start Bonus (see the Australian Promotional Bonuses for details).

Redemption is simple – head to www.vodafone.com.au/refer and fill in the details once your customer is active on the Vodafone network.

To help you understand how you can benefit from this great offer, here are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my customer become an eligible referral?
Your customer needs to sign up to any 12 or 24 month Vodafone Red or Red Business voice plan (that is not part of any sharing pool that you are in or under the same account name) during the offer period. Once their account is active they are eligible (please note activation times are usually two hours for new SIMs and approximately 72 hours for numbers that have been ported to Vodafone).

What plans can my friend join to be an eligible referee?
They can join on a 12 or 24 month Red or Red Business voice plan. See the options available at www.acnpacific.com/mobile/

When do I submit the referral to claim the offer?
Once your customer has signed up to an eligible plan and is active on the network and able to make calls you can fill in the redemption form together to claim the offer. You will receive a confirmation email and will need to press the button to confirm you made the referral before either of you will receive the credit.

Where can my friend sign up to a Red Plan?
Your friend can sign up to any of the Vodafone Red plans via your Direct StoreFront, www.acnpacific.com/mobile/ or by calling the ACN Vodafone team on 1300 365 898 (if they are unable to order online)

How many friends can I refer?
You can refer up to 10 friends with each successful referral giving you a $50 credit on your bill.

When will the $50 credit be applied?
Your $50 credit will take up to 72 hours to process and will be applied on your next monthly bill.

How will I know that the referral was successful?
Vodafone will send you an SMS after the referral is confirmed and that your friend has joined the right plan within 72 hours of submission.

How long do I have to complete a referral?
To complete the referral the following must be done by 27 December 2016:

  1. Your friend must sign up to an eligible plan
  2. You and your friend must complete and submit the referral together

What if my friend has already been referred by another friend?
They are ineligible for a referral claim if they have already been referred by another Vodafone customer.

Can I refer myself/other plans linked to my name?
No, you can only refer new accounts that are not linked to you. Only services that are under a different account name will qualify for the discount.

Make sure you check out the full details of the offer including the Ts & Cs by downloading the flyer.

Download flyer

1 Available when (i) a post-paid voice customer (Referrer) refers a new customer (Referee); (ii) the Referee signs up to a 12 or 24 month Red or Red Business voice plan between 1.09.16 – 27.12.17; (iii) once the Referee’s account is activated, which can take up to 72 hours, the Referrer assists the Referee to complete a Redemption Form at http://vfau.co/rr before 27.12.16; and (iv) when the Referrer receives the confirmation email, they press the button to confirm their referral. Excludes other business plans. Referrer and Referee cannot be the same account holder. Referrer will receive $50 credit for each referral, up to a maximum of 10 times if they stay connected. Regardless of number of referrals, Referrer can only receive a maximum $500 credits in total under this offer. Referees will receive $50 credit. Discount applied as a -once-off credit beginning on your next bill. If Referee cancels their plan, credit for the Referrer and Referee is forfeited. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. Not available to employees of Vodafone or affiliated stores. Subject to change.

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